AwayMode™ allows residents to temporarily disable the functionality that automatically records their work hours, for up to 24 hours. To disable a WorkZone for a longer period of time, use the Toggle WorkZones function.

Entering a WorkZone™ on personal time and you would like to disable the automatic recording of work hours? We’ve got that covered. When AwayMode™ is enabled, the app stops recording hours on the device.

From the Dashboard Screen, click the location icon in the upper left corner.

Set a reminder time that will disable AwayMode™ so hours will once again automatically record.

 Once the reminder is set, AwayMode™ will be active.

If AwayMode™ is enabled while inside a WorkZone™, current shift hours will stop recording. If AwayMode™ is enabled while outside a WorkZone™, hours will not record upon entry to a WorkZone.