Toggle WorkZones –  Similar to AwayMode™ and Ignore Duty Hours at Home, Toggle WorkZones™ allows a user to disable any WorkZone in the WorkZone tab by swiping left on the name of it. Once it is disabled, the app will never record at that particular WorkZone(s). It can always be re-enabled by swiping again. 

When a WorkZone™ is created, it is utilized by the entire institution, not a specific program. We built the Toggle WorkZones™ feature because for some institutions, there are a number of residents who will never have a need to record work hours at certain WorkZones™.

Here's How It Works

The Toggle WorkZones™ feature can be enabled simply by swiping left on the name of any WorkZone™. 

When the name of the WorkZone™ is swiped left, a “Toggle Time Tracking” button will appear on the right side of the WorkZone™. Clicking “Toggle Time Tracking” will turn off automatic recording of hours for that particular WorkZone™. 

Once Toggle WorkZones™ is selected, a strike through will appear and work hours will never record upon entry to that specific WorkZone. If a resident ever has a need to automatically record work hours at that WorkZone™ again, they can simply swipe left a second time. The strikethrough will disappear and hours will once again record automatically for that WorkZone.™