How ResQ Medical Respects Residents Privacy & Location Security:

  • We never process identifiable location data on our servers.
  • The only information we store is the time you arrive, the time leave, and the name of WorkZone™.
  • We keep our system as transparent as possible; you have visibility to any WorkZone™ where hours are recorded.
  • Our business model is selling user licenses, not location data. Our business does not function the same way social apps like Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook do. We do not sell data to third parties. Instead, we partner with Programs and Institutions to make life easier and eliminate trainees having to recall their hours retrospectively.
  • We constantly work to improve privacy features and your control of your data.

The ResQ app was designed specifically with resident privacy in mind. We want our users to understand that the only reason we use location information is to automatically determine your entry and exit time. We never process identifiable location data on our servers and never store any location data whatsoever. The only information we store is the time you arrive, the time leave, and the name of WorkZone™.  And you have the ability to edit those times prior to submitting them.

We have a number of tools in place that give residents full control of the app and their location.


AwayMode: AwayMode allows residents to temporarily disable location within the ResQ app for up to a 24 hour period. They can set a reminder to be notified when they would like hours to resume recording.


Toggle WorkZones: Toggle WorkZones is another option that allows residents to disable the recording of hours at any particular WorkZone. Users can go to the WorkZone screen, swipe the name of the WorkZone, and hours will never record at that location.


And if residents choose to disable location entirely, trainees can enter their hours into the ResQ app manually. We put the control in the hands of the residents to simplify the work hours process.

We’ve built ResQ with complete transparency and you can see every WorkZone™ boundary that is part of your hospital or program by clicking the “WorkZones” tab.

So that’s it. While we require access to your location to execute our mission, we do not track your movements nor save any of your location data on our servers. We believe that is your data and we believe in protecting your privacy. Rest assured that your data is your data and your privacy is essential.