We try our best to capture all of the hours automatically. But sometimes based on the device receiving inaccurate location updates, ResQ may determine you are not in a WorkZone, even when you are. You can easily edit that shift and add those hours. 

Shifts older than 3 months are archived and cannot be edited. If you are trying to edit a shift that is older than 3 months, please contact us directly.

"Current" shifts cannot be edited. You must wait until a shift display an entry and exit time to make edits.

On your iOS or Android device, click on the WorkTime screen and swipe left on the particular shift you would like to make adjustments to and click "edit". 

Swipe left on the shift you would like to edit.

Select the date, time and/or WorkZone you would like to edit You will be prompted to include a reason for making the edits which helps us improve the app.