Your Logs, Your Data

ResQ Medical was designed specifically with resident privacy in mind. We are driven to provide tools to simplify the administration of medical education, so you can spend more time learning medicine. We want our users to understand that the only reason we use location information is to automatically determine your entry and exit time. We never process identifiable location data on our servers and never store any location data whatsoever. The only information we store is the time you arrive, the time leave, and the name of WorkZone™. And you have the ability to edit those times  prior to submitting them.

We’ve built ResQ with complete transparency and you can see every WorkZone™ boundary that is part of your hospital or program by clicking the “WorkZones” tab.  

So that’s it. While we require access to your location to execute our mission, we do not track your movements nor save any of your location data on our servers. We believe that is your data and we believe in protecting your privacy. Rest assured that your data, is your data and your privacy is essential.

Watch the video to learn more.