Edit Logs & View Prior Shifts

The ResQ app allows any users to Add, Edit, and Delete logs from within the ResQ app. The interface also allows for access to prior shifts.  Prior shifts can be reviewed in one simple step. Check out all of the details below.

Add, Edit, or Delete Any Shift

The + icon in the updated screen allows the use to add a new log and the WorkZone™. The pencil icon allows the user to add, edit or delete any log or WorkZone™. The date of the shift is indicated within the log itself and the current shift is indicated at the top of the screen.  A “current” shift must be completed before edits can be made.

The Pencil icon unlocks the interface.

Once unlocked, swipe left to edit or delete or click the + icon to add a WorkTime™ log.

View Prior Shifts With One Click

Instantly view any prior shift simply by clicking “current shift” at the top of the screen. Tapping on the “current

 shift” label at the top opens a selector view from which the user can easily scroll and select the desired shift.